Posted by Valita Gal on Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Today I want to feature this adorable project that I worked on for 
*Girl Scouts Troop 175 in Miami, Florida.*

The troop leader and moms came up with a wonderful idea to create a special design for their troop that would include a graphic representing their daisies, brownies, and juniors.

Their intentions for the design was to have them placed onto cute little string bag totes for the girls, in where they can place all their Girl Scout supplies or crafts for the day.

The tote graphic was a Do It Yourself Iron on Decal printed by Kroma Design Studio,
which came with instructions on how to iron it onto the cotton material.

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Lastly, as a complimentary gift, we gave our clients a printable sticker file 
that can be printed on full sized sheet labels and then cut out, 
so that the girls can place them on their craft boxes and other girl scout supplies
....which they all delightfully enjoyed! 



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