Posted by Valita Gal on Friday, September 13, 2013
I'm always looking for great tablescape ideas for dinner table each season.  I love decorating and adding the right touch to every holiday or festivity we celebrate in my home.  The kids especially love it and you can see it through the sparkle in their eyes when they gaze at it the first time.  However, my main focus each time is to start at the dinner table.  An undressed table is like a lady without accessories (every woman needs her jewelry). ;) 
You do not necessarily have to always have a tablecloth on your dinner table, but a little charger or placemat decor with a napkin and centerpiece could really add the touch and dress it up.  

Therefore, I thought why not share with you some wonderful napkin fold ideas I've found throughout my search while looking for Fall ideas for my table.

My two final choices were either going with:

1) Fall Leaf Napkin Fold 
(sample shown above),
 which would really add the touch since the place mats I am using have leaf designs.

If you like this Fall Leaf Napkin Fold idea, you may find the video tutorial that I followed below:

2) Fleur de Lis Napkin Fold
(sample shown below)

If you like this Fleur-de-lis napkin fold, you may find the video tutorial that I followed below:

I will post a below a picture of my final napkin fold choice and table decor below, once I have everything set in place for the fall. :) 


Furthermore, I also found this amazing site below that had a library of napkin folds that dress any table  up elegantly or casually.

Visit this link below:

Enjoy and Happy Decorating!  Feel free to share pictures of your table decor via facebook, if you chose one of these napkin fold ideas to dress up your table. :)