Posted by Valita Gal on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Father's day is just a few days away and we have some clever gift ideas that will put a smile on dad's face (especially since they do not break that bank)!  I designed some fun labels and a card to add a touch to these gifts.  Preview the details and download links to the FREE printable labels and card below.

If dad likes soda, then why not buy him a case of full Coca Cola glass bottles and wrap them with these labels below.  Tell him he's "World's Best Pop," since the year you were born and personalize it with your name.  There are two free printable PDF files, one that is basic and the second one that you can open in Adobe Acrobat reader and type in your details and simply press print.

If you choose to download the editable file, it will be editable only in Adobe Reader (which is free and can be downloaded via, that is if you do not have it already).  
Only the highlighted areas as shown in the image above are set to be editable with your own text.

If dad loves coffee or shall we say lattes, then why not buy him a Starbucks Iced Mocha latte or even prepare him a warm latte and wrap the jar, mug, or disposable cup with these labels below.  Tell him "I love you a latte, Dad" with the simplest things he enjoys.

Buy dad a nice work shirt, he can never have too many!  Add that special touch by printing this free printable Tie Card with a sweet Father's Day note inside and place it right on top of his shirt and you are ready to go!